ULTRACURE Trading (PTY) LTD (t/a Ultracure for Piles and Ulcers) is a South African Company specializing in the formulation, manufacture, branding and distribution of Western complimentary medication. Our knowlwedge on the use of western herbs is vast. However, we formulate, manufacture, brand and distribute quality herbal products that are safe.

Its was founded by Umeadi, inspired by God in the Western part of Africa as the family is well known for providing remedy for Ulcers and Piles. Our aim is to build the world’s leading and most effective herbal medicine as well as providing an effective, quality, affordable and above all, most reliable medication for Ulcers and Piles. Our vision seeks to ensure stability, good results and satisfaction on our products.

ULTRACURE is your complete herbal remedy and health support Store! Since our first customer many years ago, we have continue to be the next “BIG THING” in Africa and beyond. We have series of testimonies from our valued customers which you can find under our Home page (What Patients say). You can find our featured products on this website and you can select which of our finest natural herbal healthcare that best suits you.

You will receive the best service, best prices and best shipping rates world wide. We guarantee your satisfaction when you buy any of ULTRACURE ORIGINAL herbal products.